- Professional Support -

Sometimes children and young people need a more long term 'helping hand' to enable them to move through their challenges and live a balanced and positive life.

With our suite of support services, we offer consultation and supervision programmes that can support you if you are a parent, teacher or other care giver so you can help the child in your care through their treatment and on to a balanced and nourished life.

We offer one off consultations to help the network involved in a child's care think about what might be causing their difficulties, as well as offer practical advice and solutions. We also provide more regular supervision for clinicians and professionals, supporting their personal development and being beside them as they continue with their professional development.

Read what our professional partners say about our support & supervision...

The day was really well put together with a good balance of theory, practical exercises and videos to illustrate key points.

Social Worker, Bromsgrove

I really valued being able to give PACE a go with feedback from the trainer. I found the whole day very entertaining.

Parent, Kings School, Worcester

I came away feeling I had gained a good understanding of PACE and feel confident in beginning to utilise it in my work.

Social Worker, Bromsgrove

As a foster carer I found it so valuable to be in a room with other carers in the same situation as me, the trainer was excellent and explained everything clearly and made us all feel at ease.

Foster Carer, Lancashire

I particularly found the Shield of Shame insightful as it was totally relatable to the children I work with, and I loved the PACE way of parenting. 

Social Worker, Cumbria

Excellent course!  Content was completely relatable to children we foster and gives a deeper understanding of behaviour allowing for a more therapeutic way of parenting.

Adoptive Parent, Cumbria

Everyone working with developmentally traumatised children should absolutely do this training!

Foster Carer & Teacher, Worcestershire

Liked having an opportunity to try PACE out in small groups with real life examples. Amazing to compare the 'problem solving' and PACE approaches.

Social Worker, Bromsgrove

Having the opportunity to take a step back from a situation and think about it more from a young person's perspective given their experiences was insightful.

Parent, Kings School, Worcester


Mental health support for children, young people and their families and carers

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give children. One of these is roots, the other wings".